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IP2Mkt Incubator Curriculum

Section 1: Venture Thesis

Week 0: Pre-Program Items: 10-in-5 and IP2Mkt Overview, Opportunity Board, and IP Listing

Week 1: Lean Startup Methodology & Lean Canvas 

Week 2: MVP UVP and Value Proposition Canvas

Section 2: Market Analysis & Validation

Week 3: Opportunity Attractiveness: Secondary Industry and Market Analysis

Week 4: Customer Discovery: Part 1 Customer interviews

Week 5: Customer Discovery: Part 2 Customer Surveys


Section 3: Monetization

Week 6: Go-to-Market Planning: Part 1 Strategy

Week 7: Go-to-Market Planning: Part 2 Plan of Attack

Week 8: IP Agreements and Financial Model I


Section 4: Capitalization

​Week 9: Financial Model II and R&D/Tech Maturation Funding

Week 10: Financial Model III and Risk Analysis Studio

Week 11: Pitch Training Studio

Week 12: Pitch Training-Studio

Week 13: Demo Day

Week 14: Post Program Meeting, Next Steps, and Survey

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