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About Our Incubator Curriculum

   1Capital Raising Badge

  • Build access to capital competencies relevant to tech venturing​

  • Develop requisite financial forecasts and risk analysis for raising capital​

  • Construct communication documents necessary for public and private capital sources. ​


   2. Venture Thesis Badge

  • Introduction Lean Entrepreneurship principles and application to tech venturing​

  • Mastery of Tech Venture planning tools such as Opportunity Board, Lean Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, and Business Model Canvas​

  • Construction of a venture thesis which describes the purpose of the tech venture, its opportunity, and unique value proposition. ​


   3. Product-Market Fit Badge

  • Analyze opportunity attractiveness of tech venture relative to its product-market intent.​

  • Quantify market and industry attractiveness with secondary sources and data. ​

  • Qualify and test product-market fit of tech product and targeted customer segments.


   4. Monetization Badge

  • Develop revenue and commercialization models and evaluation tools inclusive of channel economics and value chain analysis.​

  • Quantify marketing and customer acquisition strategies inclusive spreadsheet evaluation tools​

  • Conduct Risk Analysis of a tech venture ​


   5. IP-to-Product Badge

  • Introduction to Intellectual Property and Licensing Agreements​

  • Utilization of Provisional Patent as part of an Intellectual Property Strategy​

  • Understand the process of licensing intellectual property from Federal Labs and universities.

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